Body Reset Cleanse: Food and Juice Combination

Body Reset Cleanse: Food and Juice Combination

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We understand that not everyone wants to do a juice cleanse. Actually, for some- a juice cleanse may be more harmful than good.
Ever yone is dif ferent, and e ver yoneʼs body has different needs. If y ou a re looking t o jum pstart a ne w health goal, w ould lik e t o
do a gentle detox, or just want to get your eating habits in check we can help with that! We have made a customizable
program for those who would love to get on a detox program, but feel it is best that they pair juicing with some light eating.

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+ FIXER ELIXIR Grapefruit | Cucumber | Turmeric | Real Maple Syrup
High in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, this elixir combines turmeric, which has the
reputation to heal every organ in the body, with grapefruit to increase it's absorption.

+ DAILY DOSE Swiss Chard | Romaine Lettuce | Kale | Granny Smith Apple | Pineapple | Lemon
Itʼs like a multi-vitamin in juice format. This juice is a nutrient dense cocktail t hat will make you glow from t he inside out. It is highly alkalizing and is rich in antioxidants, promoting anti-aging and true health at the cellular level.

+ THE ANTIDOTE Kale | Celery | Cucumber | Dandelion Greens | Granny Smith Apple | Parsley | Lemon
The ultimate alkalizing greens drink. So nutrient dense, one serving of this juice will provide your body with numerous vitamins and phytonutrients, while also promoting gentle detoxification, hydration, and disease prevention.

+ QUICK FIX Lemon | Alkaline Water | Organic Black Chia Seeds | Real Maple Syrup
This juice will boost your energy, lift your spirits, rev up your metabolism, brighten your skin, hydrate you and relieve indigestion. Warning: this juice may promote movements (which is a good thing).

+ ALMOND MILK Raw Almonds | Agave | Filtered Water | Cinnamon | Pure Vanilla | Himalayan Sea Salt

+ RAW SALAD Mixed greens | Kale | Cabbage | Carrot | Zucchini noodles
Roasted sweet potato | Sprouts | Pumpkin seeds | Sunflower seeds | Lemon dressing

+ SOUP Choose from our many healthy, hearty and delicious options we have on rotation at the shop.


All ingredients in our juices, soups and salads are whole, free of gluten, dairy, preservatives, or any refined products. If you
would like to modify any of the above menu items, please let us know. You can swap any of the juices or choose any soup or salads we
have available in shop. Please let us know if you have any sensitivities or allergies so that we can customize our program just for you.